Totally different reaction to new mixer on N6 forum

I was just over at the N6 forum reading reactions to the newly released N6 and I have noticed virtually nobody reacting negatively to the new mixer GUI. It appears reading the threads that Nuendo users have focused on the added functionality, rather than the GUI, which has been my approach too.

Yet over here on the Cubase 7 forum … sheesh.

I wonder why the huge difference is reaction?

Nuendo is more for professionals. Cubase is affordable for professionals AND ‘amateurs’ (with respect to everybody, ofcourse, I’m an amateur myself as well).

To professionals, spending money is ‘part of business’. To ameteurs, spending money is something to save up for, most of the time.

I seriously hope I don’t offend anybody here…

yes ive been keeping an eye on the n6 forum and the main thing being talked about over there is about not being able to see the meters and the control room at the same time on the mixer , yes we know you can open another C/R mixer , more clicks but im sure as time goes on more issues will come to light with the workflow in n6

I personally love the new mixer, GUI and all intended goodness. I actually wish they did the same full-screen approach with the arrangement and key editor windows, and if I see that in a future update or in C8, I’ll sing to the heavens.

The new mixer workflow is something to get used to, but I don’t mind it. I don’t often do recording work or have a large studio to manage, so it doesn’t affect me.

The only problems I have are the bugs and surprising missing features in updates.

Really like the improved flexibility and power of the new mixer - just not the “fat-fingered” UI graphics. I gotta wonder if Steinberg is doing this to help migrating Cubase for touch screen compatibility here…

Along those lines, I really love the new CubaseIC Pro app (no more laptop fans in my tracking room!). But only for remote tracking & monitoring. No way I’d want to work on a complex mix with a touch screen.

Yes I too wonder if this is a halfway step towards touch screen usability.

Functionally I’m enjoying the update, I’ve just mixed an album with v.7 and it went very well.


Perhaps they are more positive because they haven’t -used- it much yet?

My initial reaction was also, -very- positive. It took a while to start really getting on my nerves. Give it time.


i’m wondering if N6 users have the same “mackie control hidden channels” bug than C7 - i thought this feature is essential for lots of professionals that need a fast workflow.

^^^ this ^^^ (although I have faith Steinberb will eventually correct the UI faux pas)

Yes I too wonder if this is a halfway step towards touch screen usability.

Problem is… sacrificing what works in hopes of jumping on “the next big thing” is always a very risky proposition. Case-in-point: Microsoft bet the farm on it’s touch screen OS, no doubt in an attempt to leap-frog over Apple’s massive success with the iPad. However, shaky reviews and vague sales figures for the Surface seem to indicate that professional computing and consumer-based tablet devices will remain two separate markets for some time yet. On Apple’s side of the fence, continued uptick of sales for it’s non-touchscreen devices like MacBooks and iMacs seem to support this theory as well.

Anyways, I do like the new mixer functions. Although the UI has taken a few steps backwards in some areas (namely, requiring more mouse clicks for previously-existing things), some of these could be easily fixed with minor tweaks to future updates.

Well, the difference is that most complaints come directly after release of a new software and the new mixer was not released with the latest Nuendo upgrade, but already with C7. I’m sure that many Nuendo users already knew the mixer from C7, so when Nuendo was released they already knew what they would get.

This “bug” is very annoying. It should be a user preference setting for remotes. Remote follows: mixer1, mixer2,mixer3, arranger or whats on focus/top on screen. Now it has changed from mixer to arranger, and the new work flow should be more mixer centered in C7. (Eh?)

I’d go to bed with C7 then!