Totally unusable


Couldn’t even find a good description in the subject line…
Here’s what happens:
Open new, empty project. Add VST instrument (3rd party or Steinbergs own).

  1. The audio metronome doesn’t sound. Output routing is not the issue, as no configuration makes it sound
  2. The notes are not recorded as they are played, tempo-wise. A melody played in 8ths is played back completely out of synch, sometimes notes start ontop of each other
  3. The cursor in the arrance window does not match the metronome (midi metronome - that one works, but is not synched to the bars in the arrange window)
  4. The notes that are played back are played back way before the cursor reaches their “visual representation” in the arrange window.

In short, it is completely impossible to record anything at all, and at the moment this upgrade was a total waste of money.
I have submitted an error report, but was hoping someone here would have something to say that might help…

Thanks in advance,

PS: Edit - just opened my previous version, Cubase 9 Pro, which I upgraded from, and all the same problems are there as well now, so now I have NO working DAW. Great!

I suggest you do a clean install if it’s not too much problem. I actually spent 6 hours to get C10 work correctly. I uninstalled EVERYTHING. I even manually deleted some folders left behind from uninstalling and did all from scratch. Now it works like a charm (fingers crossed). I had lots of issues with C10 when I started it the first time. Missing content, VSTs crashing the whole program, some playback issues etc… That is the only advice I can give. I tried and my metronome works as it should, and had no issues recording VST instruments.

I hope you get your problem solved.

Thanks for reply!
Mine is an upgrade from 9 Pro, which was an upgrade from 8, from 5…don’t know if I just download everything from 10, or if I’m supposed to find my discs for 5 and then upgrade from there, but I guess I’ll give uninstalling a shot…

Also delete the folder:


And take BACKUP copies of your settings if you need to.

Also if you have CC cleaner, run that too after uninstalling.

I also had my C10 upgraded from C9.5 which was upgraded from C8 which was upgraded from 7.5 which was upgraded from 7…I just had to uninstall everything. At some point there has gone something wrong. It sure was a pain to re-install everything. I had to download about 50 gigabytes of data. Luckily my 3rd party VSTs all stayed intact so I only had to reinstall any steinberg software.

But now, no more missing content issue etc.

Did you also uninstall all VST plugs and elicenser?
I noticed now that I messed up the installation - ran it from compressed folder (and I think I even ran the cubase.exe instead of the setup.exe…wonder how it even started at all). Anyway, I downloaded it all and installed it (now correctly), but the problem still remains :frowning:

But I will try again, removing those folders as well…

I’m not finding the user folder for the user i installed under, so the first folder I cannot delete… (the user i do find doesn’t have this folder)

FYI for anyone interested - the problem is now solved. It wasn’t helped by any amount of reinstalling or deleting folders. Turns out my soundcard was the culprit all along. I installed the latest drivers for it, and all of a sudden all the problems disappeared. So, if anyone gets a similar problem, you know what to try (my soundcard is a Focusrite Scarlett 18|20)