"Touch" mode in Automation not punching out?


I’m trying the “Touch” mode in Automation, but as soon as I stop sending CC data from my surface control, the application keeps redrawing a fixed horizontal line until I manually punch out. It should punch out as soon as I stop operating the MIDI CC knob, as explained on p.583 in the Operation Manual. “Touch” mode behaves as “Auto-Latch” mode. Can you confirm on your end, or am I missing something? :slight_smile:


It does work here like it should over here.

If it is your first automation pass (no automation events after), last value is kept even if it’s in touch mode.

However problem with midi controlers is that Cubase has no way of knowing whether you are still holding that knob or not after you stopped turning it. When I do it with a midi controler it punches out with some delay (about a second or two) after I stopped moving it.

It works perfectly with mouse.
Click on a fader (or any parameter), drag it, as soon as you unclick it will punch out


Generally you need a touch sensitive controller.

I didn’t know it worked at all with non touch sensitive.


Thanks. If I turn a virtual knob with the mouse on a VSTI, as soon as I stop turning, Cubase keeps recording the automation data as a fixed horizontal line, without punching out.

Hmm . . .

ALL VSTis? Could be an issue with some third party instruments only?

Also, you don’t have “To End” selected in the automation panel?


I restarted this morning, and it’s working as expected. It punches out right after stopping moving the knob. I tried with two different VSTIs, it works fine. Maybe some misconfiguration yesterday. Thanks :wink: