Touch OSC

I’m new to Cubase and after spending a lot of time in forums, web sites and you tube I decide to write here.
In my preceding DAW I t was possible to wrote midi controller with Touch OSC without problems.
Now in Cubase 10 Pro everything seems to work: Cubase can see Touch OSC fader ( I see the controllers amount while I move the faders), but Cubase does not write the controller in the selected track.
Te best to all

Hi and welcome,

Could you add a MIDI Monitor Insert to the MIDI Track? Can you see the incoming MIDI Controller data in the MIDI Monitor while recording?

Hi Martin,
Thank you and …Yes
the result is in the attacched file …
Controller 11 just for test


Interesting is, that the Position is set to 0:00:00.000 for all messages.

Yes, you are right but I can’t see the solution…

I’m not sure, if this isn’t a bug on Touch OSC side in fact.

I’m sorry Martin.
I use Digital Peformer, Pro Tools and Reaper where Touch OSC works without problems…and there is a video on you tube that explain how to connect to Nuendo and Cubase at
But…it does not work