Touch Portal with Dorico 4.3 on Mac

Anyone using Touch Portal with Dorico? I see a lot of users in the Cubase forum, but not around here. I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks, but it’s a huge workflow improvement for me. I know Streamdeck is a popular tool for Dorico users, but I don’t like the subscription model and Touch Portal seems to offer everything I need.

Anyhow, I’ve noticed an odd behavior and I don’t know if it’s a Touch Portal thing or a Dorico thing. Here’s the issue: I have buttons programmed for things like dynamics and playing techniques. Each of these macros involves a series of events that includes “typing” the command to open the correct popover, then entering the text (ex. “pizz”), then “pressing” enter. Occasionally, if I make a selection of a note and then quickly hit the Touch Portal button to add the “pizz”, the popover appears, it types “v” in the popover, and then hits enter, resulting in nothing appearing.

Any idea why “v” would appear? It’s the same every time it happens, always “v”. The Touch Portal support page is not very helpful for diagnosing this kind of thing, so I’m wondering if anyone can think of a Dorico-specific thing that might cause this, perhaps even some Streamdeck users. Thanks!

Streamdesk is subscription?

Sorry, should have clarified: I meant Streamdeck for iOS, which I believe is a subscription model.

If it’s always v my guess would be that it’s pasting via a keyboard shortcut and that “Cmd” or “Ctrl” is being lost.

I’m not a touch portal user though.

I thought about that, but the only shortcuts being used in the process are Cmd-D or Cmd-P for the popovers. At no point does the macro include a shortcut or typing the letter “v”.

I’m talking about the mechanism for getting the string of text into the popover. You said “typing”, I’m suspecting pasting.

Ah, I see. I’ll have to do some digging to see if Touch Portal uses the paste command to input the text into the popover. Thanks.