Touch screen controller

I want to point out a potential controller for Nuendo. It is a touch screen system similar to Slate’s Raven but more affordable (around $1000 total for a large screen). It would use Devil technologies D-Touch.

It is software (no hardware) for Cubase and Pro-Tools and apparently works great. You use your own touchscreen monitor which you can make any size. Here is a link describing the software for Cubase and how to make a large touchscreen monitor.

I made a 42" touchscreen monitor which is pretty cool already without D-Touch, but it is limited. I naively thought that the Cubase version would work in Nuendo but it doesn’t and I am prodding them to hurry their development (they have said it is planned).

If you are at all interested, please contact them to let them know that there is a larger potential user base. No doubt it would speed things up. Just to clairify, I have no interest in D-Touch except wanting to be a user as soon as possible!


Rickard, that doesn’t sound naive but perfectly reasonable. I’ll make sure I support your request at that forum.

Thanks for letting everyone know.

Great! Thanks Lydiot.

It looks like Dtouch will be available for Nuendo next week or there abouts. I will certainly be an early adopter. I will post my thoughts when it comes.


This looks very promising, thanks for the info! Between the lack of support for PCI in the new macs and a tool like this I may finally jump to the dark side and grab a Windows machine for one of our rooms. john.

Dtouch for Nuendo is now out!

Thanks for the heads up!