Touch screen monitor for VCA faders?

Is there a way to use touch screen monitors as a virtual VCA Mixing DesK?

I am running Mac 10.10.2 / Cubase 8.x.

If not that would be a really cool addition… just sayin’


Of course. Plenty of people have been using touch screens as a virtual desk for years now

But be aware that Cubase is not multi touch capable.

You can, with the aid of IC Pro. It is multi-touch capable (at least on the iPad, it is).

Currently, a touch screen for Cubase has limited usefulness, as the API of Cubase has not yet been multitouch enabled. So yes, you can use touch on the faders, but only one fader, or one of any control for that matter, at a time.

Cubase (along with other DAWs) does not really even allow touch control, technically. What’s really happening is that a single touch point is being treated as the mouse. Far, far from optimum for touch. True touch input is actually a completely different class of input to the OS (Windows or OSX) from keyboard or mouse, with much greater capabilities.

So strictly speaking, Cubase has no support for touch. But a touch screen will allow your finger to become a “mouse”. Kind of cool, but not great. I have a 27" Dell multitouch monitor connected to my system, so this is first hand info.

You will need either Slate Raven (when it finally supports Cubase) or DTouch by Devil Technologies, when it releases fairly soon. Those are both software overlays that are fully multitouch enabled. They emulate Cubase’s screens and interface to Cubase as an external controller. Essentially, working as a hardware controller would, but via a multitouch display. This is the only current way to overcome the inherent Cubase limitations.

I have a feeling that integrated multitouch, at least for Cubase, Nuendo and Pro Tools will be a long time coming. Why? Those same companies are heavily invested in selling hardware controllers. Multitouch displays are bad for their business model, as well as requiring substantial development resources. Our best hope for multitouch will be a separate license to enable multitouch at additional cost, to offset the loss of potential sale of hardware. Just reality, I’m afraid, and not in the near future I would say.

This is why hardware control surfaces are still viable.

And they will still be, even after Cubase becomes touch-screen compliant. A touch-screen can never replace the tactile sensation of a physical fader. Just try IC Pro, if there’s any doubt!

Neither is OSX!

I’ve played with IC Pro and I will say that the usefulness of a 27" touchscreen as far higher than an iPad. The screenspace to make controls full size makes a huge difference.

I’m afraid you are not on the right platform.
You should first wait for Cubase to be optimized for that, and then consider the proper OS designed for touch control. :wink: