TouchDAW working again on 7.0.3!!

For some reason, TouchDAW stopped working with the 7.0.2 update (it was working fine until 7.0.1.) I contacted the developer and he told me that it was a Steinberg problem and he could do nothing until they fixed it. Seemed to me that neither Steinberg nor the developer of TouchDAW cared enough to fix whatever the issue was. I thought that maybe Steinberg just wanted to push their own tablet controller, which, oddly enough, is NOT available for Android (sorry, not going to buy an iPad just for that…)

I’m very happy to announce that TouchDAW is working again on 7.0.3. Don’t know what was fixed and at this point I believe it was totally accidental, but I don’t care because it’s working again and that’s what counts. :smiley:

BTW, if you’re curious about TouchDaw, here’s the link:

Works fantastically on very inexpensive Android tablets and it only costs $5.