Touching and moving around the Score causing oddities

Using fingers to scroll around in the Score is causing odd actions to occur (re-spacing of staves, selecting and moving items in score, etc.). Is there a way to prevent this? I have to constantly touch a blank area on the page to be sure nothing is selected to prevent this from happening. I am using the latest version of Dorico and iOS for iPad Pro (2018). Thank you and Happy Father’s Day!

If you touch an item with your finger, you will select it, so yes, you need to touch a blank part of the page. Just now I tried using two fingers - that’s usually how you zoom in or out, but you can also drag around the page, and if you use two fingers, it doesn’t seem to accidentally select anything.

(I used my tagging superpower to make it clear this is iPad related.)

Hi Douglas,

Indeed as others have pointed out if any item is selected (orange) it can be affected by subsequent commands.

I have one tip that may help a bit. If you select a note, to make the playback start point, deselect it after your 1st playback (to make sure you don’t forget about it when altering a selection of other notes).

You can then play back from that now unselected point by using the ‘Play from last start’ keyboard command: Shift/space.

Thanks, Stephen. I’ll check that out tomorrow when I get back to learning Dorico fro iPad.


Thanks, Leo. I put that info in the body of my post, but wasn’t completely clear about my platform for Dorico.


Thanks, Eagle. I’m converting over from Windows based Finale and just starting scoring Christmas for December. I figured now would be a good a time as any to learn Dorico (for iPad). Much less pressure.


You’re very welcome Doug,

It’s a great program but it does take a bit of getting used to, I was using Notion previously.

It is possible to use Dorico (for iPad) without a linked Bluetooth (QWERTY ) keyboard, but it’s far more powerful with one.

I should have mentioned the ‘P’ command as well in my previous post: play from selected point.
Use this initially then subsequently use the shift/space: play from last start. It will save you a lot of grief, not moving items accidentally.


I have tried using my Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard and my MIDI 25-note keyboard as I did with Finale, but it is more relaxing using my Apple Pencil with a number pad (and it keeps things uncluttered). I have Presonus “Studio One” and “Notion”, but never got into using “Notion”.

I’ve been using the “Do & Learn” method with Dorico, but guess I should go back to the beginning and run through one of the tutorials (all the way through). I am really liking what I see with Dorico and it feels much more intuitive to me. I’m at a stage in life (70+) where this has become more of a hobby, although I still score music for our small community wind/percussion ensemble.

Anyway, thanks again for your suggestions and I’ll see if the QWERTY keyboard may be a better method for me.


Hi Doug,

Really glad you’re enjoying Dorico for iPad. As I understand it it was ported across from the Mac/PC version which relies heavily on keyboard shortcuts.

I certainly use it without the keyboard as well, but it’s only after a few months that I’ve realised just how powerful the application is, & how quickly you can input music. Having multiple (unlimited) voices is a huge plus I think. I found Notion’s 2 voices per stave quite limiting. I also use the Apple pencil with Dorico which is very useful & seems more stable these days.

I also use Steinberg’s Cubasis. Maybe they’ll combine them one day. Certainly the mixer/ note editor looks very familiar.

I spent many hours learning Notion & quite a bit of cash on all the instruments etc, but I haven’t used it once since I got Dorico.

I only joined this forum myself a couple of weeks ago & it seems a very friendly & helpful place.