Touching ledger lines

This is from an imported xml file. Is there a setting that avoids touching ledger lines? Or shouldn’t Dorico just take care of this?
Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-03 um 08.01.14.png

You can select them with the marquee and adjust their lenght in the properties panel (in engrave mode) but I haven’t seen any default settings for this yet…

The ledger lines are not actually touching, but they are extremely close (possibly even at the top magnification level they would appear to touch, because they are only 0.1 points apart from each other). This is a bug, and one that we hope to fix very soon.

For now you might be able to work around it by selecting those notes and manually shortening the ledger lines a tiny bit using the relevant properties.


some news about this issue? It seems nothing change until now (10.0.30)


This issue will be addressed in the next update.

An update would be great for me. I write a lot of flute music so therefore a lot of ledger lines.