TouchOSC and Nuendo

Hi all,

I’ve put up some homegrown video tutorials about getting TouchOSC going with Nuendo.

In case you’re interested:


Darren “Homegrown” Ingram

Thank you for doing this, I will be setting up TOuch OSC later this month. I tried the avid mix/control hardware, thought the icons were to hard to read, and you cant really manipulate them, so sent back.

I see the time window on the ipad, is it possible to play the video (film project) on the ipad, with lock to the timecode/transport, via touchOSC ?


The timecode window can receive the running timecode sent from Nuendo.

However, it does not seem to update when you locate the cursor when play is not activated.

So if the project is running it will track the time. If the project is not running, it will not update as you relocate. It will simply show the time when you pressed STOP.

As far as playing video on the iPad - I do not know.


Darren “Timecode” Ingram

Please forgive my absolute ignorance about that…
It’s very very interesting!!
I was wondering:
Would it work also with Nuendo5 on a Win7 64 machine?
Would it necessarily require a wireless connection?

Yes. TouchOSC runs on the iPad and speaks to Nuendo through midi channels so OS is not an issue with TouchOSC. However, the editor DOES run on your desktop but there is a Windows edition.

You can run wired if you have a MIDI interface from the iPad. I have no experience doing this, but I think that when you run wired like this you may not need a translation program like OSCulator or TouchBridge. I think you can configure the MIDI info directly within the TouchOSC editor. But, again, I have NO experience with this so don’t take my word for it.