touchscreen and vstis

So I have Cubase 10 running on Windows 7.

I have 2x24" monitors but was thinking of adding a 3rd lying at an angle on the desk and making this a touchscreen. My primary purpose for it, touch wise, would be to open synth vstis on it and slide the knobs and faders on it by hand. I might also on occasion, move the mixer to it and do some slidey fader action too.

I’m aware that multitouch isn’t a thing for Cubase at the mo and also I’m limited by using Windows 7.

Does anyone use a setup like this?

I already have an android pad running touchosc for expression maps and other controller duties. I also have a complex xkeys setup which fulfills my key command and macro needs,as well as a nektar panorama for faders and knobs so I don’t need the monitor to fulfill either of those functions.

It really is just for tweaking VSTi Gui’s and maybe some plugins.

Saw this vid here - which looked quite cool:

Anything I need to be aware of when buying a touchscreen? latency??? Thinking 22-24" at the moment. …

Any thoughts / real world feedback appreciated.

I use 2x 27’ iiYama Multitouch on windows 10 pro but with DTouch software (Multitouch Mixers & Macros/Shortcuts Buttons and it’s very powerful controler ! if you don’t use DTouch you will only have “one finger” touch with Cubase and for your VST & VSTi they must be multitouch (waves plugins are and perhaps some others….

Here is my main space with UAD Console (already Multitouch)

and my Mix workspace 48 channel mixing multitouch…

Thanks for the info that’s really useful. Nice layout!

When you say VST’s must be multitouch, does that mean if they are not they won’t respond to single touch at all? Or just that they won’t respond to multitouch?

Hi Mozart

I use a Acer t272hl as touch screen and it works superbly on all VST’s. Though you can only use a single touch at the time, adjust one fader ect.
The touch screen basicaly works as a mouse/keyboard. So if you can use your mouse on the knob, then it will also work with touch. After I’ve started to use the touch screen, I can’t work without it.

There is some third party software and dedicated hardware like Raven, that can make your surface work with multitouch. I’ve never tried it myself, but there are pros and cons against it.

Oh, and by the way. Remember Dtouch don’t support Cubase above 8.5.

Thanks Vital few. That’s good to know and is what I wanted to hear :slight_smile:

Do you find there’s any glare / reflection with your acer? I wanted to use a Hanns Ht225 monitor laying at a low angle on my desktop but some have said due to the protective glass front, you can get reflections from lighting…

I use latest DTouch software with Cubase 10 :wink:

Hi again Mozart

I haven’t seen any glare on the acer. As for reflections … well, it’s a screen but I haven’t noticed anything. On the other hand, my workspace is not exposed to any windows.

Thanks Vital few. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried TouchOSC on my tablet and got impressed how well it worked over a wi-fi connection, low latency with a good response feel. Its a perfect companion for a limited MIDI keyboard. :thumbsup:

Just a quick question: Do you use Windows 10? This sounds really promising!

Thanks for asking this question because I was wondering about the same. Actually, I’m new to Cubase 10, and I’m trying to find the best setup for my work. Hope to find answers here. And thanks for the great video :slight_smile:

Thanks Joanne for your reply. I’m still “jury out” on what to do. I’ve identified this touchscreen

as it’s slightly smaller and won’t eat up too much desk space.

However, I am still unsure about whether a touchscreen will drive me mad or not :slight_smile:. I do really like physical controllers and using my pad and phone can drive me potty when it won’t respond to touch properly :laughing:

As for Dell standard touch screens. The P2418HT is quite good as well and cheap. I have used them on numerous occasions in lecture theaters for AV control.

In a forum somebody wrote that DTouch makes Cubase multi-touch, except the plugins, is that so?