touchscreen or dual screen


One of my LCD’s stopped working (last week my triton, what is that!)

The one I have left is an older model so if I want a dual set up I better buy two new ones at once, if I buy one then I risk the chance that that one also will be discontinued by the time I want to buy the seccond one.

So I start browsing and I stumble upone an ACER touchscreen now here is the dillema,
My budget is around 350-400, so…

I can buy either two 22’’ LCD screens or one 22" touchscreen.
What would you do, and does anyone has experience with Cubase and a touchscreen.
I mean I will still use my qwerty, Novation controller and mouse, but I wander if the mixfaders can easily be operated on a touchscreen.
I get the feeling that it’s more for moving windows around instead of operating GUI like plugs etc.
Here a link to a guy fiddling on an Acer touchscreen:

Forget the touchscreen and buy a couple of 24" Dell screens.

Nice luxury, but two normal screens (at least) any day for me :laughing:

I would imagine ones arms would suffer after a while…

Yes, having 37inch wide window real estate is something I can’t do without, but I wanted to be shure, you can only spend your money once, and if I buy two screens and touchscreen proves to be really really really workflow enhancing then I would be frustrated.

I think I go for two screens, and in a few years I think we will see 37" wide 15" high 000.1" deep HD 10.000.1 rollable touch screens for under 200 dollar anyway :ugeek:


I was looking at Acer, Is Dell better?

In 3D :ugeek:

In 4D, then you can work your way back in the project and never have to worry about deadlines.

I have inside info that in a “few years” it will be virtual holographic. With a virtual screwdriver you’ll be able to pry off the cover on the Cubase GUI and clean the heads with a virtual swab.

You would create a paradox and destroy all of reality, better just go with the touch screen :laughing:

Sitting in front of a touch screen it should be tiring to have one’s arm stretched all the time operating it , shouldn’t it?

You beat me to it! :slight_smile:

That’s exactly why I would never want a touch screen. Seems like an awful idea.

In 4D, then you can work your way back in the project and never have to worry about deadlines.

That was a good one!

I had an old monitor so I set it up as a second monitor, and I like having more real estate when in Cubase. Usually I put the mixer in the second monitor, and when I’m editing drum midi, I put it in the second monitor as well.

Well there are a plethora of 24" (and larger) screens around now, and some don’t cost very much at all - but those are probably best avoided. Go for something branded, mid priced or upwards.

I’ve had my Dell since 2005, and it’s been flawless. Pin sharp, 5 inputs, USB hub and card slots on the side.

Unless you could somehow mount the screen so that it was in place of the keyboard, kind of like a Star Trek console :ugeek: (Just watchout for the Klingons around Uranus!)

Yes, agreed!

Go dual! :slight_smile:

Also consider the constant cleaning to keep a touch screen visually clear. Two screens makes more sense to me!

Please, think about your shoulder, joints and your arms!
Touchscreens are not conducive to health…if you work all day in your studio!
Best solution: take a (very) big screen, or two. (or three. or four. or five…or…)

I’ve had two 17 or 18 inch monitors in my humble studio for a few years and was quite happy with them until I replaced my monitor on my internet/office pc with a 28 inch Hanns G that was at a price too good to refuse. Working with Live, Cubase, PT, is so much easier than you would imagine. If the two small monitors weren’t in such good nick I think I would replace them with two of the Hanns G’s at just over £500 the pair. Now that would be cool. :slight_smile:

Been using a touch screen for years as a secondary to my main 30" dell. Touch screens rock. I never have to clean mine since I use a stylus with it. It sits right next to me and my arm never suffers from fatigue. I would never put one directly in front of me, well maybe if I didn’t have any control surfaces then it would be a possibility because I could sit it close… If I did, it would sit close to flat like a console so not to interfere with the sound in the room. I don’t think I could ever work solely from a touch screen though… unless it vibrated >:O oh yeah!

Aaaah, thank you for your input! I was waiting for someone pro-touch.
What do you ‘touch’ exactly? Meaning in Cubase…The mixer,plugs, editors?

The real problem with modern touchscreen is your finger thickness! (no kiddin´)

an example:

protect your finger: