TR-8S set-up & latency in Cubase

Hi all,

I’m confused about 3 things:

1. I set up my TR-8S as external instrument in the Audio connection, can I only have 2 physical Input and not more than that? I have my TR-8S set-up to have its mix out L & R for everything but kick and snare, and then kick on assignable 1 and snare on assignable 2, so basically 4 audio output. Is there a limitation in Cubase where setting up a external instrument, it has to be either mono or stereo, so max 2 Input?

  1. When I press play on my TR-8S, i have sound and i can record the midi notes. But when I click with my mouse on the piano roll say C1 for the kick, it doesn’t trigger any sound from the TR-8S. I have the VST set-up in the inspector as TR-8S (so the USB) IN and the TR-8S (so USB as well) for out. Never understood what is the TR-8S - TR8S CTRL by the way? (it’s for start / pause to control Cubase Transport, no?)

  2. When I press play on the TR-8S, there is some latency between the visual of the sequence on the sequencer and the sound coming out of Cubase, it’s quite annoying. I have my Cubase buffer at max, 2048. Is that normal?

Thank you so much!

Regarding the latency, that shouldn’t happen, but I will say that a buffer size of 2048 is rather large. I’d start by reducing that to see if that helps!

You can set up more than 2 returns for an external instrument so have as many it has and connect them all.

Once you set up midi device correctly, there will be 2 midi clock destination listed in the synchronization page. One with brackets (name) and another with just the name, make sure to send midi clock to one with brackets, then the latency will be compensated.