Track alignment and timing issue

Hello hope this is not an old issue but I am getting a little frustrated with a problem I am having. The simple summary is if I record say a wave audio file and have a 4 beat count in from 1…0.0 and start playing on 2.0.0 along with a drum tack, everything is fine but if I then re-import the file i recorded back into Cubase or send to my remote bands Cubase DAWs the track zeros to 1.0.0 but my playing actually start at 2.2.5 so it is out of time with the drum tracks even though I recorded in time. So strange

Using CB Elements 10.5

any suggestions please?

What happens if you move the event to it’s original time code position?

Hi and many thanks for reply. I hope you can see the image. I am using CB Elements 10.5 and not sure where to find the 'automation follows events tab. if you can see my image Audio one is the original recording and audio two is when I reloaded it back into CB

Select the event
under Edit Menu, Move, Origin

sadly that function is grayed out on my installation, I guess not part of the Elements pack

this is something new as I have not had this issue before. Been using this Elements for 12 months and no issues. Suddenly this is happening and I am wondering if I have checked a box somewhere by mistake. Do you know if there is such a thing as restore factory setting :slight_smile:image 1.pdf (44.6 KB)

Sorry will be back to my PC later.

did you selected the event first?

I am really sorry and I know you are trying to help, but I am unsure what that means. I will take a search to see if I did. Back soon :slight_smile:

Hi i just read my Cubase Manual and I am not sure if this is related to my issue. Did I expalin the issue correctly?

I can’t know that…

I hope this works here is a few screen shots and explanationCubase Issue.pdf (114.4 KB)

Maybe you exported with the wrong sample rate?

If I recorded it original in the song, wouldn’t the sample rate be set? So if I then reloaded I have never had to change the sample rate. But this is a possibility so I will read my manual on sample rates Thank you