Track and Insert presets - WHERE the H are these?

Hey all, so I’m migrating a computer. And I can’t seem to find where the INSERT PRESETS are stored on my old machine. I’ve found the TRACK PRESETS, and all seems to be in good order there… but I can’t for the life of me find where the insert presets are stored.

Yes, I’m aware of

But sorry, they ain’t in there. I’m looking for about 10-15 of them in particular, and those specific 10-15 I do not see.

And I also did a search for
and no dice there either.

Any suggestions?

Some presets are stored in User/Documents/VST3 Presets.

THANK YOU! Yes that did it!

I also found a few plug-in / VSTi specific presets that I use in there!
The FX Chain presets were in…
User/My Documents/Steinberg/

Hope this helps everyone else… that list is SUPER incomplete it seems. At least, for my machine setup anyways (which I suspect isn’t very different from others).