track archive export / import bugs

create a project that contains group channels
save an arbitrary amount of channels including the group(s) as part of a track archive (file > export > save selected tracks),

import the archived tracks into a different project (file > import > track archive)


1/ group tracks do not retain their original channel strip settings
2/ audio tracks in the original project routed to group channels that were all saved within the track archive, are no longer correctly routed to the imported group tracks
3/ the newly imported group tracks cannot be routed into from any audio channel in the new project, existing or newly created (cubase is not seeing them as targets for sending audio to).

Hi lukasbrooklyn - did you find a reasonable workaround for this?

hello, no i have given up. steinberg ought to fix this (and rest of cubase).

Same issues here, imported track id/names not incremented, results in tracks with the same name and then they can’t be referenced anymore. All this unsolved in 8.5.15. It’s a shame. :frowning:

And I never get answers in this forum.

as far as i gather, since it has not even been officially acknowledged and assigned a case number, this may take a long time. it’s another in a palette of half-baked functionalities of cubase-- it can now import tracks from other projects easily, yet it builds on this legacy broken functionality regarding groups (or the inability to import those to be precise)…

If I may ask please, when you just import audio/MIDI tracks alone (i.e., no groups), which in the source project each had multiple inserts, and were routed/sent to groups there as well … what is the state of their inserts/routings/sendd in the new project?

I can confirm that this has been happening for the past few versions… Quite frustrating.

workaround it to save each channel individually… I’ve found that saving the whole Mixer settings doesn’t recall well, either.


Same problem here. Clearly a bug. Steinberg, please fix this, or even better create the option of a track presets that can include multiple tracks plus groups, sends and routing!

Rather frustrating that every new version of Cubase includes more and more exotic bells and whistles but something as basic as saving a vocal setup that includes a group can not be saved and loaded into another project.

I have the same problem in Cubase 9, have just contacted technical support about it

it has only been two years since i reported this, let’s not get silly. try in 2020.

I’ve given up on cubase for mixing ever since they broke “save/load selected mixer channels” for instrument tracks. Importing tracks from other projects is so incredibly half-baked and track archiving (as mentioned above) has its own shortcomings and bugs… it’s like any robust functionality of the program has been broken.

6 Days and later and no reply from the technical team. Would it be worth everyone reporting it again so that they might take notice?

Yea I did see the original post date of this forum (which kind of took the wind out of my sails a bit in hoping that they would be efficiant in fixing the problem).

The Dorico branch of Steinberg however have been really impressive with their professionalism in responding to issues. They really do it right and are exemplary.

It’s become quite clear to me that the current Cubase team really has zero interest in fixing or improving on the half-baked features they’ve introduced. I don’t know why there isn’t one specific way to import tracks and settings… right now we have track archiving, import tracks from project, save/load mixer channels and save/load track presets. Each of these are totally incomplete, inconsistent and require using a combination of workarounds to be used. I remember when you could save instrument channels in the mixer but that was broken in version 7. Yes, a lot of the new features are great for song writing but there really is no complete way to pull settings from other songs.

Hard to argue with much of this. Would love to read a Steinberg response.

dorico has de facto motivation in order to establish themselves on the market. and cubase… is being cubasey.

I think the only way they are going to listen is if there is a lot of traffic on this subject, so please go to this forum cubase 9 and join in the discussion: