Track Archive Import Relative to Project Start

Is there a way to import a track archive in cubase relative to project start? I’m a film composer so all of my cues will have different project starts due to where I’m at in the film. I’ve noticed that if I import a cue from earlier in the movie say at into a project at all of the material in the tracks “disappears”, or in other words imports at but that is not visible in the new project which starts at Is there any way to import based on bar? where if there is material at bar 9 in one cue that when I import it into a new session it goes to bar 9 as well regardless of the timecode? Or is there any other way to import tracks from other sessions that I’m not aware of?



Track Archive always imports all tracks exactly on the same position, as it was in original project - based on Timecode. There is no way, how to snap it with bars during import.

The only way, how you can affect it is to adjust the Project Start in your project, where you import the data.

We need improvements here for sure… Total pain how it works
now. If you search there is a way to edit the XML file and remove the timecode information to allow you to import it without screwing everything up.