Track archive import & track assignment


I have a track archive with some MIDI track exported from an old project. When importing the archive in Cubase, new tracks are created although the track names are exactly the same ones as in the archive.

Is there any way of importing the tracks into the already existing tracks? Alternatively, is there a key command or function to “move selected parts to selected track” so I don’t have to vertically drag each one of them with the mouse?


Just open the old project with the midi file while having the new one already open (don’t activate the old one) and drag the midi stuff over to the tracks where you want to have them in the new project.

Track archive import always loads the original track.

This involves a drag & drop for each track, I was hoping for something a little faster… Thanks :slight_smile:

You can select more than one midi thing at a time. It will sort as it is though and produce some chaos :wink:

In the old project you could also create new midi tracks, drag the midi events there and go via track archive again. On import you’ll get it that way (a little cleaner maybe) but dragging them to the right position is still manual.

OK thanks again.