Track Archives and VST Connections?

Hi …

I was about to sit down and design a bunch or track archives for different purposes when the thought occurred: what is the relationship between Track Archives and VST Connections? Do Track Archives remember their i/o settings? If so, what happens if you add them to a project where one of those i/o are already in use?

It occurred to me that I may be better off to use the old ‘over kill’ and delete template method where I could maintain my i/o settings.

Any considerations/ advice?



The Track Archive doesn’t contain any VST Connections setup. After importing a Track Archive, the Input/Output connection is done by using internal Audio Port IDs.

Btw: Do you know, you can import tracks from the project directly since Cubase 8.5? You don’t need Track Archive anymore.

Unfortunately Cubase is lacking when it comes to importing presets. Every time I import a Track Archive (multitrack drums for example) I need to go through the tracks and set all of their inputs manually. It makes that important step in the creative process just difficult enough to disrupt the mental flow and become frustrating.

They need to include VST Connections/IO routing in the Track Archive functionality. Otherwise it’s just a broken implementation. The point of a preset is to save time by doing the work once and then not have to do it again. I don’t want to break off into scientist mode every time I want to add a new ingredient to my idea when I’m trying to follow inspiration in creative flow.

This single issue is the only thing keeping me on other DAWs like Reaper and Ableton. I agree that you’re better off with a big template right now. Unfortunately for me I work in multiple locations on different setups so no single template works for me. I much prefer the modular setup with which they are so frustratingly close to a proper implementation. I wish I could just drag in “Studio A multitrack drums” or “home guitar amp and DI” and have it automatically set the inputs the way I saved it. Even if it’s machine-specific. Please Steinberg, figure out a way to add proper I/O saving to Track Archives.