Track arm on keylab script

I notice that when using your Keylab script and pressing “arm” it always arms track number one, regardless of which track has the focus… I thought maybe the track selection had to be made from the Keylab instead of selecting the track with the mouse, but that was also not effective. Am I overlooking something? john

Hello my friend, unfortunately I have my both Keylabs for service so I cannot test this case for now.

However, I do recall that in order for the mute/solo/record buttons to work as expected, we had to change tracks with our select buttons of the controller, while when using the mouse, I did notice problematic behavior. Unfortunately, I couldn’t dive into this, since as I’ve said my controllers are still for service.

What’s worth to note is that I’ve never used this “single” mute/solo/record approach, and I did use the multi one. You can activate this by holding “Shift” (Pad 13) and pressing the “Arm-Record” button.

Once you do this, you can toggle mute/solo/record by pressing the mute/solo/record buttons and then whichever select buttons you want. This is my workflow but I do understand that other users prefer the “single” approach.

So once I get my Keylabs back, I’ll have a closer look, promise.

Oh, just seen that my most recent update should already take care of that. Maybe you don’t have this one?


Thanks for the quick response.
I’m not sure which version I have. But I notice all the files are date stamped Nov 14, so you would think that I have the current version. But if you can email me the latest version I would install it and then there would be no question.

Question. What are your Keylabs in the shop for? I’ve noticed a couple of unusual non-communication issues, but they get resolved when I turn the Keylab off and on again. Other than that it seems to be working nicely.