Track audio dissapears after recording other track

Whenever i record a second or third or whatever track, and try to play the whole thing back, no audio gets through except for 1 track.
Nothing is muted, But it’s like no input is being given to the recorded tracks except for one.

Hi and welcome,

I don’t se an Audio tracks in your project, these are Instrument track.

Is there a patch loaded in the instrument?

Could you try to click the “Deactivate All Mute States” button in the task bar, please?

I’m very new to cubase, so I’m still figuring out how it all works. But I’ll try and find it.
Still I think it’s weird tracks get muted after recording something. Especially when I don’t see anything muted

and right when i try to test it all of my audio in cubase stops working. It just says that the output devices are inactive, but that ridiculous because with cubase closed it works just fine.
I don’t understand how a well known paid program can be so problematic for me…

I’ve noticed after i’ve restarted cubase about ten times to re-enable the audio, that the tracks also seem to mute somewhere the moment i click record. but it is not muted anywhere.
I clicked deactivate all mute states, but nothing still

It could be as simple as you might be trying to play outside the range of whatever patch you’ve got loaded into your instrument tracks

Did you hear an output when you were recording these “silent” tracks?

Are you saying that, if you’re not recording, you can hear an output when the individual tracks are selected in the LHS track list - but not when you actually record?

Can’t really help much without knowing this.

I’ve got some ideas but I need to know the exact details of what’s happening.
I’m sure we can get it sorted - can’t be too complicated (I hope :crazy_face:)

I could hear the tracks while recording an extra track, but afterwards the tracks did not give any sound anymore. Not when recording something else, not when trying to only play the silent recordings.
So after i record one track, some or all the other tracks just stop giving any output anymore.

I don’t understand what you mean with trying to play outside the range of the patch i’ve loaded.
As i’ve said, i’m a total noob when it comes to cubase an daw’s in general haha

If you heard something when you recorded the tracks, then you must have an instrument loaded in each instrument.
Working with the " Labs" track, try this. If you get lost, refer to help files (as I’m working from memory here - I’m not in the studio ).

Firstly, open the lower mixer by opening the lower screen panel (upper right hand side - 3 icons for lhs, rhs, and lower panels).
Click on the lower left of the low panel to open the mixer.
Check that the “Labs” track slider isn’t right at the bottom of it’s travel (which would mute the track).

Assuming the slider is ok, highlight the “Labs” track on the lhs track listing and click on the vst open icon (looks a bit like the track type icon - like a little keyboard).
This should open the vst instrument itself.
If this is the Spitfire Labs vst, there’s 2 sliders there that are used to vary the volume & timbre of the selected instrument.
If these are set to zero, you’ll get no sound. Play the track and slide them up.
If you still get no sound, then, at the top, you’ll see the overall vst volume - make sure that’s not set to zero.

By now you should have something - I hope.

If not, close the vst instrument and, select the “e” icon to open the track inspector.
In the output box (on the upper area) you should have “Stereo Output” (or something similar)
If you don’t - then click on the box and select “Stereo Output”.

I’m sorry if this all seems a bit “basic” - I’m just trying to cover all bases :grin:.
I’m also sorry if I missed anything - I’m doing this from memory m on my tablet. The terminology might be a bit off (I use it every day and don’t think about it much!!:thinking:).

I hope this helps.
If it does, I’d strongly suggest that you watch some of the many videos on YouTube covering the use of vst instrument tracks in Cubase. You need to know about the “CC” controls and the like.
Also, if you’re using Spitfire Labs, they do some very helpful instructional videos.
Good luck :grin::grin::crazy_face::notes::notes::musical_note::musical_keyboard:

Thank you so much for the help! i don’t mind you covering all the bases, i’m really just starting up and getting to know the program.
I have figured out what the cause of my problem is though.
Apperantly my keyboard seems to be the issue. It has a volume slider, which works in cubase. But sometimes it just seems to reset the volume of some tracks to 0 without it showing anywhere in cubase itself.
So anytime i get this problem again I just select the muted track, slide the slider on my keyboard up and down, and suddenly there is sound again!

So in the end not specifically a cubase error, but more of a cheap keyboard compatibility with cubase error.

I will be doing a LOT of research on youtube, because i’m getting so in love with producing, and am planning on buying a bit more proper keyboard for it.

Thank you for all the tips and help!

I’m afraid i’ve conclued it’s actually not the keyboard. Even without keyboard this problem keeps occuring.
I just don’t get it now.
When adding a track and starting a recording the rest of the tracks get muted. even after ctrl - z until i’m back where i was i cannot get the tracks to work again.
And without the slider of my keyboard I can’t possibly get the volume back.

Can you tell us which ASIO device (=audio interface) you are using?
Also, in your example screenshot, are all three tracks going to different instruments or all three using the same instrument?
Are you using Main Volume midi controller data at the end of the first two parts? Is this maybe the reason why the tracks are set to 0 volume?

I’m using asio4all v2, because with the build in soundcard asio i had more latency and also a bit distorted audio.
It’s 2 instruments played through prologue on different presets, and 1 labs choir vst.
I’m not touching any volume controls, only with the labs 01 track have i dialed down the volume at certain parts. But currently i’m not using a midi controller to control volume.

Also i’ve noticed that this issue can also occure when i delete part of a track.
I was adding a drum beat, but after deleting a part of it audio stopped working for most of the tracks.

The issue was occuring even before i added the labs track with diminishing volumes.