Track Auto Crossfades settings

When I drag a click track in from Maschine into Cubase, the first click always sounds weird - so every 4 clicks, there is a volume drop. If I turn off auto crossfades, that issue goes away. Drummers hate it and in the past, I have been able to turn off the crossfades for the click track, but leave them on for all other audio. It seems lately (or maybe I just never verified…) that if I turn them off for the click track, they go off globally. Does anyone know what the behavior should be? When you right click on a track and select Auto Crossfades, it appears as though you are working on only the selected track. But maybe not?


Do I understand you right, you import an audio file (to an Audio Track) which has the 1 bar length and you Duplicate/Repeat it?

You can enable/disable the Auto Crossfade per track.

If you open the auto fades settings window, there is a switch to turn the global settings off for that track.

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I did try messing with that, but it did not change the behavior so I assumed that checkbox was to use the project settings LENGTH since it’s right under those words….

I’ll try again to see if I can get it going.