Track auto lock on un-freeze in 7.5.20

First off, 7.5.20 is running very well on my system and I’m very happy overall with the new features in 7.5.

Now…I am really dumbfounded as to why a certain change was made .20. I’m hoping it’s a bug not an actual change.
When you freeze a virtual instrument, and then unfreeze it, the track comes up locked whether or not it was before the freeze. This did not happen in previous releases.

This may seem like a small thing, but when you are freezing dozens of VI tracks in dozens of sessions to move between studios for recording (I’ve already petitioned for a “Freeze all selected” function and keep hoping that will appear someday) and then have to unfreeze them to edit and make adjustments, this extra clicking to also UNLOCK them takes up a LOT of time.

Can Steingberg confirm whether this was a purposeful change or a bug to be fixed? THANKS!!! You guys are great.

No one else experiencing this?
It’s really slowing down an already long process. Is there a way to revert to 7.5.10?

Yes, I noticed this yesterday. I did not try to replicate it, however.

Yep me to.

Is there a way to revert to 7.5.10?

In Windows open add remove programs or whatever your windows version calls it.
Tick the show installed updates box
uninstall 7.5.2 update

I have this issue as well… Not a huge pain but one more button to click…

There should be a little padlock symbol on your track list, which you need to click to unlock the track. If there is no padlock showing do the following:

On the track list, rightclick- select “Track Control Settings” - in the left pane, select the lock symbol, click add, then click apply & ok. The lock symbol should now be showing on the track list