Track auto naming and renaming

Something I have recently noticed happening which I didn’t notice happening before.

I add a MIDI track, and use an IAA instrument. The track gets given the name of the IAA instrument.
I perform a freeze, and then I want to unload the IAA to get processing power back.

The only way I have found to unload the IAA is to touch the ‘-’ button in the inspector to change the IAA to a non IAA instrument so i can then click on the piano icon to get to the instrument list in order to select ‘No Instrument’. This in itself is a bit cumbersome but works OK.

The pain for me is that when changing the instrument the track gets renamed to the Non IAA instrument name e.g Piano. And I then have to rename it back to the name of the IAA I was using e.g. iM1, so I know which IAA I originally used.

Is there, or can we have a way, of unloading the IAA (Getting to the instrument list) without having to change to a non IAA instrument first.



Hi Andy,

Thanks for your message.

Not sure if I got you right:
Freezed instruments become unfreezed by tapping the freeze button (illuminated in blue) in the tracklist.
It is not required to go to the inspector.

Does it help to solve the issue?


Hi Lars

No it is not to do with unfreezing, it is to do with unloading IAA instrument after freezing.

I have found the answer. I can unload the instrument if I go to the media bay and then select instruments. I think I got confused because of the different ways you do it for different things. For built in instruments and IAA effects you can do it through the inspector so I was looking there for how to do it.
For IAA instruments you do it through Media Bay, which made it difficult to find, but I found it in the end :smiley:

When i unload the IAA the track still gets renamed to MIDI Track xxx. Can the auto renaming of tracks be made optional via a settting with 3 options?

  • turn it off completely
    rename when you load an instrument/or select a MIDI output
    Rename on load/unload (as it does now)

Thanks :smiley:


Hi Andy,

The track does not get renamed if you follow these simple steps:

  • Tap freeze button (below instrument icon) in track list to unfreeze the track
  • Tap instrument icon and choose “No Instrument” or another instrument from list


  • Track name gets changed to instrument loaded
  • Recorded event remains unchanged

All of this can be easily made from within the arrange window/track list, it is not required to go to the inspector and/or Media bay.


Hi Lars

AHH Yes I can unload instrument this way thank you :slight_smile:

However the MIDI track still got renamed to Midi Track xx, I am not trying to load a second instrument afterwards, I am just unloading the now unused IAA as it’s frozen. It’s no big deal, I’ll just carry on renaming the track back after I unload the IAA.

Some IAA’s e.g. iMini the track is renamed…however others e.g Yonac Galileo it is not :confused:

I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it is consistent with which IAA i am using