Track channel white lines

What are the vertical white lines that sometimes appear in the track list? (They are echoed in the Mix Console.) I am aware that Xerogh posted about this back in '17, but I don’t think the one reply from SvenniLenni was correct.
Screenshot 2023-02-15 172559

It means a remote control device is being used, and these are the tracks in the current bank.

The answer you refer to is correct. Track/Channel White Lines? - #2 by svennilenni

Thanks Steve. I don’t believe I have a remote device attached. Would that refer to something like a USB MIDI controller?

Yes. That’s what a Remote device generally is.

I know that. Don’t be sarky. I don’t have one attached for this project, hence the question.

I’m not being snarky, I just answered a question. In any case something is connected, and that causes the line to display.

Remote devices are not related to projects. If installed, they are there.

OK thanks for that. They seem to come and go… Anyway, it’s not causing any probs. Thanks all for your contributions.

Sorry Steve. Apparently though, if I have remote controls available even if they’re not connected, the white lines will show.