Track color bug

Hi all!

I’m on the latest version of Cubase 13 Pro.

Since Cubase 13, some tracks will randomly lose their colors sometimes. They turn into a very dark grey color. But if I click on it, the color will resume back to the colors I set.

This happens now and then, not very often, and I can’t find a pattern.


I’m interested in the answer too. Same issue…again, as Vinnie says, irregular.

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It happens to me only when adding a new audio track while any new midi is fine.
How’s your setting in: preferences - auto track/ channel color mode ?
Mine is “Use previous track color + 1”

EDIT: Tried to change color preferences when adding new track:

  1. Use Track Default Color —> OK
  2. Use Random Track Color → OK
  3. Any other option gives the dark grey issue.

Thanks Puli, I’ll look into that. I never use the ‘next color +1’ and I use the default color for midi tracks; so it’s only when I change a track color to one from my color palette that, infrequently, it has this anomaly. But once I’ve fixed it once, it stays fixed. I’ll check the settings in my prefs. Thanks again.