Track Color/Q-Link

I find the Q-Link feature extremely useful, but it seems strange to me that color selection isn’t part of the linking. If I select and route a bunch of guitar tracks, it’d be pretty helpful to color them all the same quickly.

Shouldn’t be hard to implement, right?

Agreed. I haven’t found any way to color multiple tracks at once.
If someone could enlighten?

Took my own advice (sometimes) and RTM.

You can color multiple similar or similar selected tracks at once by right clicking on the first of them (already colored) and selecting from a drop down context menu. Haven’t tried it yet.

I know this does not solve the Q-Link thing but it’s an option.


Thank you, you’re right and I could’ve read that in the manual as well haha. It works exactly like you said, although only in the project window, not the Mix Console. That’s a drawback, but you saved me a ton of headache on this project I just started, thanks!