Track Color Settings backup


I’ve managed to create a bigger color set in Cubase for my tracks.

I’d like to back up this setting as I’ve spent quite abit of time creating these new track colors.

Does anyone know which “.xml” Cubase file are the track color settings stored?

Any help really appreciated. Thanks!


You can use different Color set for different project. So, as a backup, you can create empty project with your own Color Set, and backup this project. :wink:

I’m using different Templates with different Color Sets.

But unfortunately, I don’t know, which XML contains Color Settings, sorry.


Hi Martin,

thanks for your reply. Yep, always a good idea to keep a Template project!

Anyway I’ve found out where this setting is stored!

It’s in the Defaults.xml file.

For Windows, it’s located at:
C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 6_64

Just had to scroll down quite abit to find the “Event Color” section of the code!

So what I did was copy that entire section, and pasted it on a Notepad file. Now I keep that notepad file in several of my harddrives. :slight_smile:

Oh well, have a good one either way!