Track Coloring


Can anyone tell me how to setup cubase to color a new track just like the selected track?

I know I can setup a specific color for new tracks, by tack type. But thats not really what I want.

Im on cubase Pro 8.5.



There is no option, to setup Cubase to color a new track just like the selected track. But there are other options, which you can choose in Preferences > Event Display > Tracks > Auto Track Color Mode. The default settings is “Use Default Track Color”.

Thanks Guys,

I figured out that you can color several tracks at the same time with the Project Logical Editor.

Here it is:

Basically you select the track and hit Apply.

Hope it helps!

No need to use the Logical Editor. In the project Window just select all the Tracks you want to set the color for using ctrl and/or shift. Then use the Select Color drop-down menu on the Toolbar (not the Inspector) to pick the color. All the selected tracks will change color.

Mind= Blown

Duh. I just facepalmed through the wall here. Thanks Raino.

The logical editor works for coloring tracks with similar names tho. Thats useful at least.

Been there more than once in my journeys through Cubaseland. :astonished:

True. Cubase is huge.