Track colors on ipad are not the same as on PC

Hi all,

I just bought Cubase IC Pro and the track colors in the mixer are a different color to the track colors in the mixer on my PC
In the attached pic you can see that the Ride track on my PC is green but on the ipad it’s blue.
The Halion Sonic Track is orange on the PC but green on the ipad.
The Scratch Vox track is purple on the PC and teal on the ipad.
Somehow the 4 GTR tracks ended up the same color on both ipad and PC :slight_smile:
Cubase IC Pro Track Colors.jpg
Is there a setting I need to adjust? Or does Cubase IC Pro just use random colors? It kind of defeats the purpose of coloring your tracks if you have to read the label anyway…


So, are colours in sync with everyone else?
If so, what is wrong with my setup?

Or, is just an accepted feature?
In which case, how difficult is it to get the colours to be the same in Cubase on the computer and Cubase IC Pro?

Just had a quick look and it seems on my setup the colours are random too.

What you report, the colors not matching, is not happening on my iPad or iPhone 5s. I can’t imagine why this is different in your cases…

Eh, colors are not so important IMO. Typically you are recording a project and controlling the DAW from the iPad or iPhone so it’s not so important what the colors are - because - you can arm the tracks from the app and this is your control, the track arming. Who cares is I arm a purple colored track if I know that I have armed the snare drum track? If you are recording a group of tracks , say 6, and one player goes south, typically the whole process would be restarted. All the tracks are saved beneath the new tracks so you can get to the DAW and sort things - if - you thought you had a winner in one of the single tracks.

Really, the device is just a tool to remotely control your recording process. True, there seems to be many bells and whistles that should be used but none are as valuable as the ability to control the recording process remotely. My .02. And actually, the only thing I don’t like about the app recording process is that the recording process (the filling in of the recorded track like you see in the DAW program) itself - as the recording begins and the curser moves across the screen - does not become apparent until after you stop the recording. Only then will the recorded tracks fill in with color. This is bothersome but, again, you learn to live with it because it DOES control the recording process remotely.

Typically, if I should multi track a project, I just keep rolling remotely until I get a good take. If I think I captured something especially good but want to continue recording, I stop, go to my DAW, and move all the ‘good’ tracks further out into the project so I can find them more easily. Eh, like I said, the beauty of the app is that you can control the DAW recording remotely.

Oh… I see you are not using C6.5.5 and I am. Perhaps it is a communication prob with the newer Cubase versions and the app?

I have the same problem. Colors are not matching.
Cubase Pro 8.5 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, iPad air.

Same here, Cubase Pro 8.5, Mac OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan iPad Air 2.