Track Colors & Pictures for Input/Output Channels

Right now you can change the color for any Track/MixConsole Channel except for Input and Output channels. It would be nice to be able to change these colors too - especially for inputs. If for example I’ve got a guitar coming in on one channel and a bass on another, then it would be useful to set those channels to the same colors I use to indicate guitars and basses in my projects. Similarly being able to use Pictures on the I/O channels would also be useful.

I wonder why when they added the color & picture options someone thought they shouldn’t be on all channels? 'Cause, you know, it had to be an active decision made by someone to not include them.

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Actually you can now set the Colors on Input & Output Channels, but it seems only in the Project Window not the MixConsole. If an I/O Channel is not visible in the Project Window, toggling Automation Write on/off (and then Read off too) will cause it to be visible in the Project Window. Track Pictures have worked for several versions.