Track Colour Process Has Gone Backwards

I really miss the track colour selector box which was easily and always visible and accessible in the older Cubase. The replacement method of control clicking on a tiny area whilst trying to avoid clicking the track expand button is fiddly and annoying. It also requires two hands. Also if you want to add multiple tracks at once it seems you have to go in afterwards and manually add the track colour to each track whereas before if the track colour selector box was activated Cubase would automatically colour each track in the ascending colours of the rainbow. It was a quick, beautiful and easy process. Please can someone explain how what we have now is an improvement and step forward in evolution?


Preferences > Event Display > Tracks > Auto Track Color Mode, set it to Use Previous Track Color +1.

The Color Menu is still available in the Project page’s Toolbar. Maybe you need to make it visible?

You can change the color of multiple Tracks with the Color Menu - just make sure no Parts or Events are selected on the Project page or it will only change their color.

Excellent - thanks guys.

For some reason I am not getting email notifications of replies anymore. I checked my settings and they look correct. Also checked my spam and nothing there.


You will get the notification, but it takes months, now. :frowning:

The notifications shown at the top of the forum are correct & current.

The email notifications are messed up and arriving long after the post that generates them.

:frowning: double :frowning:


It is fixed now. The old mail notifications are still coming, but the current one are in time, now.

Hi Martin,

I had 5 notifications this morning. Only one was for a new message that I could see. Are the others just remnants of the old problem that should no longer occur after this?


I had 70 notifications yesterday. :crazy_face: I know when it was fixed, it worked only for the new messages. The old (written before the fix) where still delayed. The only expensing I could imagine is that there was some sync mismatch when the delayed time reached the fixed time. But it’s just my theory without any background. :wink:

I just hope it will be OK, now.