Track colour select changes in N5.5?

Is there a way in N5.5 to activate the track colour select features that were default in N5.1.1?

It used to be the case that when one clicked in empty space under the individual track number (I don’t mean the inspector) a colour palette popped up, this no longer happens, how can I activate this feature? have looked everywhere.

Additionally, the track colour select button is missing from the mixer, where’s it gone??

Both of these features were useful improvements in N5 if they are no longer available in N5.5, why were they removed??? :cry:

I found this by accident…

I think it’s shift click in the mixer window… not at my machine right now.

Yeah, it’s just a modifier+click.
It’s working here (PC) with alt, control & also with shift.

OK, great, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

alt click on a Mac

I prefer this new method of colouring… You don’t ‘colour’ a track instead of ‘selecting’ it…

Jepp, it’s great that this has been improved! It was just silly that it has been easier to switch a color, than selecting a track…

I agree switch it back. It used to be I could hover over a track and use my scroll wheel to quickly change the color, now I have I shift click? Why? I was better before.


Because to many times I’d alter my track color while scrolling my mouse wheel accidentally.

I greatly disliked the old way of color selection and much prefer having a key modifier for something that is used only a few times per session.

Please do not change it back - I prefer the new way…