Track colours

Hi! Just had one question. i earlier used cubase 5, where i could easily colour my different tracks with a “colourmap” button located beside the different tracks. In cubase 7 i cant find it anywhere. Is there something i need to turn on in settings? Sorry for the bad english.

  • cheers!

It’s cmd/ctrl click on the track number area now.

I like this better than the old colourmap button thing, but correct me if I’m wrong, in the old mixer one used cmd/ctrl click to assign a coulour to a channel? And now in MixConsole it’s by clicking on one of those pustulent dots that seem to be spreading like a rash throughout the program.

Assuming I am correct and not just getting old with failing memory, surely it would be logical to establish a program-wide convention rather than change one thing in one direction and the other in completely the opposite…?