Track Contents Vanished?

Having spent a large portion of the day setting up a new setlist of songs and tracks, I’ve just switched to one of the songs and all of the content in the tracks has vanished. I’ve tried quitting/reopening several times and no content has reappeared. The content seems to still be there though, as if I play the song I hear output from the ‘missing’ tracks. This has happened to 2 songs in this project.

I created the project in 2.0.10, but have also tried opening it in 2.0.14 incase that bug had been resolved (but it hasn’t, apparently).

Any ideas how to get the track data back?

If it still sounds, it may be “just” a visual problem. Did you try switch Songs, switch view for instance to Mixer, then back to Tracks, and while in Mixer, do you see the “invisible” signals? Or resize window?

Nope, doesn’t seem to reappear. I can even open the project on another computer and the same issue is still present…

It seems to be some weird issue with zoom. If I zoom all the way OUT - minus 1 zoom step (so 99% zoomed out) everything reappears. But if I fully zoom out, or in, everything vanishes again.

… is it possible to get access to that project? Use the “Menu / File / Save Archive…” function and select an empty folder. Zip that folder and send me PM message.

Thank you very much,

Dear @Spork , the dissappearing wave peak were usually happened at high ZOOM, this meight be some kind of legacy from V1. (Eg when aligning two audio clips / files to a given waveform beat)

… . the “Lost Wave Drawing” problem should be fine with the next Pre-Release. But here we have no clips at all?


@Spork you are superb. I had this before but felt is less important compared to other ones, but as @kellingraywilliamson pointed, i confirmed it.

Clips? I mean “audio” clip (i dont know how to name it if not talking about track and nor the file but the “clip/lane/strip/spuhr” shows my audio peak form) :slight_smile:

In Cubase terms, the boxes shown below the timeline are „events“, internally we often use the term „clip“ (to better distinguish from midi/dmx/lyrics etc events).
It sounded as though those „boxes“ were not shown at all, but probably they are there, but show no content, correct?

The boxes are literally not there at all (see screenshot on original post). It (visually) looks like there is no content for any of the tracks - but there is, and if the song is played the audio still sounds…

My experience is the missing waveform at max zoom (empty “box”)
@kellingraywilliamson ‘s meight be different

… yes. We are not able to reproduce it That’s why it would be wonderful if we have access to your project.


If I do the archive as you previous said, the project zip is still over a gig in size. Can I remove the audio files from the zip so they’re not taking up so much space?

probably just the .vlprj file will suffice.
You may copy it to an empty folder and load it to see if it exposes the problem, then nothing else is required.