Track Control presets won't save

After making, saving my midi/ audio track control presets they’re gone when I open another project. ( latest v)
What’s the secret? thanks


Could you describe your steps more in detail, please?

Hi Martin,
I’m doing this:

1-Open Track Control Settings
2-Select Midi (or Audio)
3-Add various Hidden Controls to Visible Controls
4- Apply
5-Save Preset
6-open prest box & see the saved prese listed
7-Open a new project
8-Open Track Control Settings
9-open Presets
10-Save preset no longer listed

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Is this still not resolved? I’m same one and using Windows10 and Cubase 10.0.6.
Do I have to set this for each project file?
That is not the behavior I would expect from a preset function.


It works for me here in Cubase 11.0.20 (on Mac). I cannot reproduce it.