Track control settings - buttons don't auto-move?

If I enlarge my arrange window by dragging the bar between it and the track list, and I force the track list to be smaller, the track control buttons don’t auto-arrange themselves so they are still visible? They just seem to stay in the configuration they are set to in the “track control settings” window. I think the buttons auto-moving so they remain visible when resizing the track listing would be very helpful.

I just wish the buttons would auto-move to fill up the unused space - instead of just disappearing behind the arrange window.


I found something odd from Track control settings too. I needed to add Edit-in-place, but could only have the button appear by grouping it; just adding it didn’t work. Normal?

the track icons don’t re-arrange anymore. They are now pallet based where you can save button configurations and layouts. I prefer the old way, but their are advantages to the fixed method as well.

The problem with this new way, is if you resize any windows, your button configuration no longer works. Now, you have to also reconfigure the buttons every time you resize a window. That is kind of a bummer. I think there should be an option in the track control settings window to allow the buttons to reconfigure themselves automatically.

Yeah, I’m not sure I get the point of the new version. I am constanstly resizing things and prefer the old responsive layout.

agreed, I prefered the auto rearrange as it was previously.

Help? I have no access to the arrangement settings either. All buttons are grey and nothing happens when clicked.

+1 for the auto arrange back please. This ‘new’ way just seems to be a step backward in making best use of the space, i.e. it doesn’t anymore…


How do I get my button back to normal?! Im tired of resizing the tracks just to hit select buttons. My whole workflow is ruined by this. Please see image! PLease and thanks Chantz

please someone help me i can not find a solution by my self and its driving me crazy. I awfully frustrated.

could you help me in any way?

Damn, I have the same thing, I believe after a windows 10 update. I have no other option than to go back to a backup I made 3 days ago (so 3 days of configuring my new PC are now gone)
Sad to see that no-one updates the topic here so no-one knows what to do…


Deleting user preferences.xml in the folder

Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase _X__64

worked for me. Everything is fine again.