track control settings: no Listen for groups?

I would like to add the listen button to groups (in track control settings) but currently this is not possible.

Would prefer all possible choices for all tracks in track control settings.

I’ve never used the listen button

what does it do?

why do you use it?

Hmmmm … Isn’t it so that the “listen” button is only available in the mixer?
For normal audio tracks too?


I’ve added it for Audio tracks but can’t add for groups. It shows in the project window.

Hmmmm …
Where did you find the “L” button in the project window.
As you can see, I son’t have it …

The option to route signals to the Listen Bus is available for all types of channels dealing with audio, such as inputs, outputs, audio tracks, instrument tracks, and also groups.
It can be switched on from the mixer and will send the signal from the selected channel directly to the control room. There it can be listened to on various monitors, in conjunction with other signals (dimming these) etc.

@TuckerMix: which version of Nuendo 5 are you using? The Listen button is only available (or at least should be) from the mixer, not the project window.
Could you post a screenshot?


I seem to be having a brain malfunction… :slight_smile: :blush: Disregard this post as its stated…

I entered this issue (or non issue as it were) quickly during a session and to not understand what I meant… maybe I meant why isn’t listen available in the project window at all?

I tend to use it a lot and it seems to be the only icon from the channel strip not available in the project view.