Track Controls Settings - Disapeared and causes crashes

ver 6.5 and 8 work fine in this area.
Version 7.1.35 Nuendo 65 bit patched 1.35 - one day the track controls went completely vertical. Still functional when expanding the track to wide as possible.
When Track Settings is open, all paremeters are blank and Nuendo 7 crashes with in a few seconds after the dialog window pops up.

I have repaired, re installed, uninstalled, reinstalled all have no effect. :smiling_imp:

Same thing happened to me yesterday! I use Cubase 8.5 and I suspect either a Windows 10 issue or an Elicenser that wont give me full rights.

I reinsalled Cubase 8.5, the 8.5 update and the 8.5.3 update. I ran the maintenance task twice in Elicenser.

I was using Cubase normally 2 days ago. This came out of the blue. Is there a way I can retrieve the track controls settings? The panel is blank and Cubase crashes when I click ‘‘OK’’

I am pretty well dead in the water until I resolve this.
Robert (even considering changing my motherboard to put an end to sporadic Win10 bluescreens)