TRACK CONTROLS settings presets: make "Save Preset.." GUI like Save Track Preset

The way one creates or updates - manages - track presets is in need of modernising.
It needs to be re-done the way most “Save and Save As…” type functionality works in most programs and daws where one might want to save the current file/setting/s changes or save a file/preset with a variant of an existing name etc etc…

The way most GUIs do this is simple - if making modifications to an existing preset - clicking SAVE just saves that preset with changes. The current way things work is that SAVE expects one to type in the exact name by memory - with no help via a list of existing preset names to simplify things and prevent errors in naming being made. Not very helpful.

Really this needs to be all updated to reflect how TRACK PRESETS are currently created or saved.

If there are other settings and files features n Cubase 11 that also present the antiquated GUI as TRACK CONTROLS - then Steinberg devs… please update them too.

There needs to be a consistency across the board here. Not to mention just the adoption of HIG practices that go back not years but decades.

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If I try and add a track preset from the browser, I get nothing but if I add it from the right zone it shows up. It’s soo convoluted then add all the browser windows w/this bay and that bay and quickly you have extra clicks for this and do that to make this work…
Not how I want my DAW to behave. Straight Buzz kill betty ova here.
Sometimes I feel like making a video with all this crap in it because it’s like we have to hold a child’s hand and show them what is wrong… The whole track presets is a s*show.

Part of the issues is that there is no continuity in this DAW. It’s like one part does it this way then the next part is a different way. It’s alll over the place and is getting worse w/ every release because they break something else and are continually playing catch up for decisions they made years ago.

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couldn’t have put it better myself.

Personally I’d rather “live” in Ableton for as long as a project allows - but sadly it lacks all the features Cubase has for templates, articulations and - well everything orchestra related really.

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I would have voted for this right away, since having to remember exactly the name of a given setting preset has always been a workflow annoyance, to say the least…

But, thanks to the efficient and up to date forum management, and since a while, I “have 0 votes left”… :roll_eyes:

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I voted for you! :smiley: :+1:t3: