Track Convert to multichannel - error log / flag

Currently the error just looks like this:


(or sometimes it mentions fades)

The request is to give us information about where the problems are instead of just telling us they exist. Since the software clearly has to find the problems it stands to reason it might know where that is, so just give us that information. A couple of options come to mind:

  1. Give us the timecodes in the error-dialog box so we can copy those down, or make it possible to save them as a text file.

  2. Just save the locations as markers on a marker track.

#2 would be my preference.

It’s just a bit tedious to have to hunt these things down and since you (still) haven’t programmed it to ignore errors if we want to the second best thing is to at least give us the locations of the errors.

That is all.

PS: This request goes back over a decade.

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