Track delay (and some other basic feature requests)

One really basic thing I’m missing is track delay on the channel setting. That’s so useful when working with panned similar sounds and trying to get a feel and groove to tracks.

A few other quite fundamental features that IMHO should be implemented even before better EQ and time-stretching and automation and better instruments (Which I’d love but I guess they will take more time to develop and optimize):

-Copy or Double a part (Ctrl+D in Cubase) with an easy hand gesture. (hold and drag?)
-Double tap on an empty area between the left and right cursor on a MIDI track should create an empty MIDI part (as in Cubase).
-A drop down function list for selected audio parts with the most simple things to start with - reverse for example.
-Cross-fade for audio parts (If I haven’t missed it). At least the option to set automatic crossfade at first. (with the ability to decide the amount of ms).
-Being able to choose more controller events than velocity in the MIDI part editor (pitch bend and modulation would be useful to start with).
-Being able to grab the line between controller events and MIDI notes in the editor so you could expand the controller area for easier editing.
-A curve and line tool available as drop down from the draw tool.

Just some first thoughts…