Track Delay & Mixconsole

Hi All,

Is it at all possible to have track delay displayed somewhere in the mix console? (Like between the Pan display and the M S L E buttons?)
Currently I have to jump back to the inspector and click on the track to see if there is a delay.
I use it often (especially on voc and gtr dubs) and it would help my workflow if it was visible in the mixconsole.
Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

(Using Cubase 9 Artist)


I’m sorry, there is no way how to show this value in MixConsole.

That’s a shame. Is there any way to map the Track Delay to Quick Controls? The parameter is really tiny in the Inspector, would love to have it mapped to a hardware pot.

Yes, like Protools would be swell

Having the track delay settings in the mixconsole would be a good “Feature Request”.

Regards :sunglasses: