Track delay skipped by midi send?

Is it expected behavior that tracks that have negative track delay set don’t apply that to notes that are coming in via midi send?

I have a midi track with an expression map that pushed different articulations to different channels. I was then routing the midi from that track to specific articulations via midi send. The idea was to be able to have each articulation on it’s own track with it’s own negative track delay but still be able to use one track with an expression map.

This all routes correctly (it properly plays the right articulation on the right track all triggered from the midi track), however in this set-up, no matter what I have the individual tracks set to for delay, it doesn’t apply it to what it’s receiving via the send.

Simplified example of my set-up:

  • Midi track with expression map with both short and long notes. Channel 1 for long and channel 2 for short.
  • Instrument track BBCSO Violin Long with -100ms delay on Ch 1
  • Instrument track BBCSO Violin Short with -50ms delay on Ch 2

The midi track has midi sends to the instrument tracks and has a transformer that filters anything out that is not on it’s desired channel (ie the Long track filters anything not Ch 1)

In this set-up, it ignores the delay settings on the tracks and they all just play at the usual time.

Is this expected? A bug? Or something I’m not doing quite right?

Thanks in advance!