Track delay to sync all VSTi


While I’m working on setting up the perfect configuration, I’m stuck with a new problem. My Midi tracks are routed to different instruments, essentially Halion 7 and Kontakt 7, but they seem to have different latency. Almost every track is playing Halion instruments except for the bass track that is routed to NI MM Bass. Unfortunately, there’s a slight delay between the two plugins, Kontakt is a few milliseconds behind, really out of sync.

Do you plan to add a track delay option, as there is in Cubase? It’s really important as some sampled instruments have low attack time or a kind of pre-sound ahead from the musical attack.

Thank you!

Hi @Jihem,

“normally” a Plug-In oder an Instrument reports a latency to the host - if the Plug/Instruments needs it. But VST Live does not support Latency Compensation.
And we can exclude that HALion 7 or Kontakt 7 are reporting a latency. Correct? In your case you know that the “NI MM Bass” needs a Track delay to be in sync. Really? You would use the Cubase Track Delay to get it in sync?


Hi @Jihem ! What if pulling clip for laggy instruments a bit earlier? (A bit to the left). Or are you playing those instruments live? (Then probably there is nothing to do w.o. Time Machine :wink: )

Hi @Spork and @fkalmus,

Of course I could set an offset to tracks in Cubase then export them as midifiles, but it would become quite impossible to modify the tracks in VL, as snap and quantification would be unusable, and manually moving events a real pain.

Replacing an instrument with another one would also imply a new editing in Cubase.

Moving a clip to the left in VL would be an option if my tracks were made of a single clip, but moving all is a bit tedious and risky!

Really not user friendly…

Maybe my project is too heavy, I’m gonna test with an empty one and check if the lag between H7 ans K7 is the same with only one song and two layers…

Ok, If you allow me to tell what I think would be the best management for this…


Considering a VL2 supporting track offset/delay, the great thing would be to have Cubase track delay included in VL export files, then automatically set in VL tracks :smiley:

We’ll have track delay with the new version in the track Inspector.
What we don’t quite managed to have yet is a) import track delay from Cubase and b) a function that automatically sets the track delay to compensate for inserts in the track channel(s). This should be available with the following version.


Thank you so much! You are incredible :star_struck: