Track Delay with MIDI while using arranger track?

Sometimes with synth sounds that have a slow attack, I will quantize the MIDI, and then use “track delay” to set a negative delay so the synth parts play on time, but they can still be quantized. This works great - however, when also using an arranger track, the arranger track doesn’t play the first MIDI notes from the MIDI tracks because the negative “track delay” tricks it into thinking the MIDI note is from an earlier part in the song (even though it might be only 30ms earlier)… Obviously this can be a problem…


Right now, my solutions are:

  1. Don’t use the arranger track at all
  2. Don’t use track delay - but then synth sounds play too “late”


Yeah, you’re kind of screwed here. If you like the synth sounds, just print it before you start arranging.
Get rid of the problem forever by editing the ADSR in the synth itself, so that the envelope ramps up the way you actually want. Then save that as a new preset.

I actually like the slow attack on the synth - it just needs to start playing slightly before the beginning of the measure - so the track delay thing works well. I’ll probably just have to stop using the arranger track…

It might be a nice consideration for Steinberg to consider making it so the arranger track will play things that are delayed with track delay… so any tracks with track delay will still be part of the loop somehow…