track delay

Hi,i am following a tutorial in computer music. they are using logic and have added track delay to one channel(i.e left)
Is there any way of doing this in Cubase?as the track delay seems to be for both channels,but in logic u can do it for left or right.

If it’s audio you could split the file to two mono files.

What is the end result you are trying to achieve exactly?

“then apply a track delay to one channel of around 200 samples to spread the stereo field”
that’s wot it says in the tutorial

Run an audio export (batch with only that channel ticked) with the “split channels” box ticked and import to project & pool ticked. Pan them fully left and right and delay as you like.

Note the track delay is in milliseconds not samples.

whats the difference in milliseconds and samples?
that seems like a good plugin in logic that does that. is there a 3rd party plug similar I wonder?

… or simply use “Mixer Delay”

Depends on the samplerate

. or simply use “Mixer Delay”

Good call…I always overlook the surround fx.