Track delay

If I remember correctly every articulation used on a Dorico staff will appear on their dedicated track in the Midi view. Will it be possible to specify a Track delay for individual tracks, like in Cubase? Several legato patches in high profile libraries require a timing offset in order to play “in time”…

I imagine we might handle this not as a delay for the whole track, but rather as part of the definition of the playing technique that gives rise to that track, e.g. you would specify that for the “legato” playing technique for a violin, or whatever, it should switch to using this particular patch or keyswitch within a patch, and specify that all notes should play some specified amount early.

Sounds great, & probably an even better solution!

This is awesome news, Daniel! Especially the per-technique settings. This issue has been a nuisance in the notation/VST interface for a very long time.

Question: Is there any provision in VST3 to allow hosts to inform the VSTi about MIDI events that will happen in the future? Such features would be extremely useful for choral libraries that “sing” Latin, etc., as the library needs to know where to put the consonants (for example) at the start of syllables, but (as you well know) for vocal music the notated note onset defines the vowel placement & the consonants (which might be of variable length) need to happen before the MIDI note on.

Handling this kind of thing via Lua scripting would also be a very reasonable alternative, if it would be possible for a Lua script to pre-process the score and add to the MIDI data (hopefully in a way that is tagged, so that such processing can easily be removed/redone without much effort). Such scripts would also be very useful for tunings, such as implementing something akin to Hermode tuning. Those are some scripts I’d love to write!

Hi Daniel

Is this feature ready in v3.5?

No, this isn’t yet implemented, but it remains in our plans.

Great, Thank You.