Track Delete safety and Better Undo History options for Cubase like Wavelab

ok so 2 items I want to throw into the mix that kind of relate to each other. Both of which I have learned to live with, know how to work around, but just wish it was better…and both of these issues have been around for me for quite a while now…so…
number 1) for some reason when using the split track view in the project window, (which I pretty much do exclusively) I have to be super, super careful when selecting a track that I’m going to delete, to make sure another track in the split pane isnt still selected. I cannot tell you how many times I have unintentionally deleted a track in the other pane that somehow did not unselect when I selected the track I intend to delete and then deleted it. Only to find, way down the work road that some track I need was unintentionally deleted. If I’m careful (which most of the time I am) and keep my eyes moving over my tracks I can spot a lingering selection before I delete it mistakenly, but I would love to have an upgraded feature that makes absolutely sure that when I select one track the other, no matter what pane, get unselected. Which leads me to
2) a history undo like wavelab, where I can go to the place where the track got deleted some 10 or 20 events later and retrieve easily my mistakenly deleted track with out ruining all the work I did afterwards.
Other than that, I’m loving what you did in Cubase 12 great stuff.

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